The BID 2 Proposal

BID 2  Willow Lane Trading Estate
To Download the Full Proposal <Click Here>

The first term of the Willow BID will end in 2014. If you want your BID to continue supplying the projects and services which have provided security, better access and signage and represented the area since 2009, you must vote to support BID 2.

Vote yes in March 2014 to ensure you do not lose:

  • CCTV and ANPR coverage
  • CCTV and ANPR monitoring
  • Coordinated lobbying and representation for Willow businesses
  • Business access to CCTV footage
  • Effective joined up working with the local Police team
  • The maintenance of the website
  • An Estate Coordinator and Willow Board to actively manage and monitor the area and address any concerns
  • The maintenance of signage for the estate
  • Cost saving joint trade waste service (available Spring 2014)
  • Active searching and application for funding to invest further in the estate

Vote yes for all of this and to gain even more:

  • Cost saving joint training course programme
  • Additional CCTV and ANPR cameras
  • More extensive CCTV footage monitoring
  •  Additional security patrol coverage
  • Progress better internet connectivity
  • Regular cutting back of shrubbery on footpath


13th February 2014
You will be sent a notice of ballot

28th February 2014
You will be sent your ballot paper

By 27th March 2014 at 5pm
You need to have cast your vote

28th March 2014
The ballot result will be announced

To Download the Full Proposal <Click Here>


Get in touch
Please do not hesitate to contact the Willow BID if you would like any further information or would like to arrange a meeting to discuss our proposal in more detail:
Graham Willins
Willow BID Limited
10 Wandle Way
Willow Lane Estate
Surrey CR4 4NB

Tel: 020 8640 2507