About Willow BID Ltd – copy

Welcome to Willow BID LTD which was founded on 1 July 2009

FORMATION OF the Willow Action Group (WAG)

In 2003 The Society of London Manufacturers www.soloman.co.uk (SOLOMAN) managed to get together a number of like minded business people and as a result WAG was formed to improve the environment and standing of the industrial estate. For just over 5 years WAG was funded by voluntary contributions from some of the businesses and a great deal was achieved in that time.

During 2009, a grant was obtained from the London Development Agency (LDA) via SOLOMAN which enabled us, with their help, to create a Business Improvement District (BID). The BID was successful in getting the support from the businesses on the estate for this initiative, our thanks to them, Merton Council and Soloman. Willow BID LTD commenced on 1st July 2009. For information on other BIDs in the area visit www.soloman.co.uk/BID

A separate BID company has been formed to administer the BID from July 1st 2009 to 30th June 2014. The sole purpose of the company will be to administer the BID and carry out the BID projects for the good of the estate as a whole.

The Company will have a board of directors and all levy payers will have the right to become members. The initial board of directors will compromise of four or five of the estate businesses and one representative from the London Borough of Merton. The estate members will be as far as possible from different areas of the estate. However, within 90 days of the start of the BID elections will be held to appoint permanent directors. The company will cease to trade after 30th June 2014 unless a further 5-year BID is agreed.

Members will be consulted on at least an annual basis in respect of the projects to be carried out and the priority order and annual budgets will be prepared to support the controlled expenditure of funds on the agreed projects. Adequate procedures will be put in place to ensure that proper controls are exercised over financial and other critical matters.

The board will be responsible for all legal and statutory matters.  In addition they will approve annual budgets, major projects etc for presentation to General meetings but the preparation of this work is delegated to the Estate Coordinator.

The board of directors will have overall responsibility for the BID and carrying out the BID business plan.

The Estate Coordinator is responsible to the board and deals with all day-to-day matters; payment will be of routine bills, dealing with problems such as fly tipping, keeping signage up to date, communicating with the businesses.

Currently there are around 200 businesses spanning a wide range of manufacturing and service industries.

The 5 Year Plan for estate improvements and activities

The 5 year plan has been drawn up following detailed consultations with businesses/ratepayers up to the end of June 2014. The aim is to continue this programme of representation to ensure that the voice of the businesses is heard and continue to lobby for more improvements to the estate


  • Continue to work closely with the Police Safer Neighbourhood Team and raise the profile of the security issues on the estate
  • Install more CCTV cameras around the estate (partially funded by LDA Grant).

Business support

  • Regular attendance at Meetings to represent the views of the estate.
  • Regular communication on any new developments.

Estate access

  • Install internal estate signage to improve the location and information on the businesses.
  • Lobby to get the Willow Lane bridge reopened with funding from the BID budget.


  • Estate worker employed 1 day a week to coordinate and support the management committee.

Transport and Green initiatives

  • Lobby to get a bus service and tram stop for the estate.
  • Green Projects; Green Travel, waste control, recycling initiatives.